I started typing the password but nothing happened; the keystrokes didn’t seem to register. You have no idea how much you just made my day! So that is a work around that just takes more time that dialing the number by hand The Jabra Pro is the clear winner. The voice recognition on the phone is incredibly accurate without any training – better than anything else on the market. What do I type from this point to change the V entry. I’m obviously not finding the right file.

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Nano 7 – backgrounds Before I show you how to do it, let me comment it is exactly the same procedure as before. Anyway, many many thanks.

Add Motorola V Bluetooth support to iSync – Mac OS X Hints

Or perhaps offer some more details or counterpoint? I fly all over the country and to the Carribean.

Perhaps an obvious fix? I’m not sure if the poster tested this or not, but this most definitely does not work. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. I’m one of the others. Better than ANY other service provider, hands down. In my searching, I came across a post somewhere where someone recommended this driver, but I could never find it.


I am very curious to hear if there is a solution to this. Does anyone know how to get these two working together?

Verizon 4G LTE USB Modem UML Support | Verizon Wireless

The Rokr E1 is a re-badged Motorola E candybar style phone it was originally called the E with Apple-licensed technology to play back iTunes Music Store purchased music. When you’re done, the entry should look like this: I saw this didn’t work for some. Which of course is the KEY to the hack.

It features a new keypad interface called ModeShift, which automatically changes the context of the keypad depending on the current function of the device.

Switched to Verizon and the Motorola V710 Phone

Based on voice-quality alone, this phone is a wonderful upgrade for me. The bluetooth assistent did NOT allow me to specify that I want to sync my contacts, but the iSync application allowed me to add that device. I’m assuming that all you need to edit the file is a text editor Textwrangler, etc So can you please enlighten me as to how you got OBEX working?


Is there another cache file anywhere? The V’s BT is mainly for headsets. Discussion in ‘ Palm ‘ started by jberger03Sep 17, Aug 9, Posts: Retrieved from ” https: Thanks – that was extremely useful and easy to understand.

It’s still not perfect, of course. The EM35 was released in Q1 My results so far were that the change allowed the bluetooth to recognize the V but then Isync would not connect I tried one of the Jabra wired sets from the Verizon store.

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When I first tried moeem, the Bluetooth Setup had the option, but iSync still didn’t recognize it as sync-able. Because the isn’t GSM. My apologies for posting without working this through. I am curious, has anyone broken the crippling on the yet?