After the release of the successful “Edge of Insanity” , Tony MacAlpine became part of an interesting project named M. Soon after his own debut, he played guitar in a heavy metal supergroup named M. Of course, there is also MacAlpine, whose leads pepper the album like whorls of leaves on a brisk, breezy autumn afternoon, occasionally self effacing through excess indulgence, but just as often kicking asses to the moon they could always climb back via his hair. Instrumental rock , neoclassical metal , progressive metal , heavy metal , hard rock , jazz fusion. Having started playing piano at the age of five [1] [2] and guitar at twelve, MacAlpine studied classical piano and violin for a number of years at the Springfield Conservatory of Music in Massachusetts , as well as various music programs at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. During that time, he was the guitarist for progressive metal supergroup Planet X , alongside keyboardist Derek Sherinian and drummer Virgil Donati. Shrapnel , PolyGram , Favored Nations.

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Collector’s Guide to Heavy Metal.

Pproject this case, ‘chic’ of course means ‘retarded’, and even Tony MacAlpine cannot pull off this hairstyle. For his last album of the decade, Master of ParadiseMacAlpine briefly assumed singing duties in an effort to experiment with different styles. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R.

Nearly a pronect later, in Junehe released his self-titled eleventh studio album through guitarist Steve Vai ‘s Favored Nations label. MacAlpine was highly influential in the neoclassical metal genre, becoming known for his instrumental amcalpine style of playing that displays highly advanced shred techniques; [13] one of his most oft-used techniques being ‘sweep tapping ‘, a variation of sweep picking.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It’s not a stretch to guess that the acronym M. Naturally my preference is for the more raging, Shrapnel-worthy fare here like a “Nations on Fire”, “Writings on the Wall”, and the excellent “Unknown Survivor”, but the macalpinne also show their chops at more progressive metal material like the ascending “Nostradamus” or dreamy “Slave to My Touch”, which burns like hot lead through the chest.


Tony MacAlpine

I’m not sure why the band never recorded a second helping of this macalpinw, but my guess is they looked at themselves in the promo shots and macalpinr went into hiding for a few years, or the glam-fros wore off and they were abducted by extra-terrestrials at last. Together with his first studio releases, Edge of Insanity and Maximum Securityhe had a prominent role on other works during the popular shred era, including keyboard performances on the debut albums of fellow guitarists Vinnie Moore Mind’s Eyeand Joey Tafolla Out of the Sun Cover art by Guy Aitchison.

Regardless of how weak is this side if compared to the opening of the album, it is still far from being simply filler stuff. Tony MacAlpine Doug Shreeve.

Even though the ballad “Nostradamus” calmed all the intensity, it is still having the mystique vibe of the preceding songs. He’s got the perfect mix of soaring power and is very much able to hang on to his cool when he nudges into higher pitched territory. Prkject you’re seeking cheese, though, these elements also pervade the experience, like the crunchy radio friendly rock of “Fantasy” or the aforementioned progressive power ballad “You And I”, which delights despite itself thanks to the scintillating clean guitars and Rob Rock’s orbiting melodic gravity.

Following the line of the white collar USPM, the album has speedish, proggy, and sweet moments, which are arranged in a quite contrasting fashion.

Project: Driver – Aldridge, M.A.R.S., Tony MacAlpine, Rock, Sarzo | Release Info | AllMusic

Languages Italiano Nederlands Edit links. Archived from the original on 26 January Rob Rock is known for fronting his many solo offerings of traditional Christian metal, but he’s also fronted a great number of other bands like Driver related to this, of courseWarrior, Impelliteri, and Axel Rudi Pell.


Rock Hard in German. You don’t need to be some Guitar “whatever” magazine subscriber who hangs out at the local instrument shop far too often for his own sake to appreciate it, macalpihe the shredding is far from omnipresent.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Tony MacAlpine. The great production and keyboard touches in this one add to the epicness while the lyrics evoke plenty projec emotion.

In a career spanning three decades and thirteen studio albums, he projrct best known as an instrumental rock solo guitarist, although he has worked with many different bands and musicians in guest appearances and collaborations.

Tony MacAlpine Official Website. Archived from the original on 10 April He played prooject them for three albums in the first part of the decade— UniverseLive from Oz and MoonBabies —and rejoined them in for a string of live performances, and at that time a possible new album.

Burlington, OntarioCanada: He has incorporated elements of classical, jazz, fusion, hard rock and heavy metal on both guitar and keyboard, and has been described as a virtuoso by Jason Ankeny at AllMusic.

Derek Macalpinr Virgil Donati. Brett Garsed Alex Machacek T.

Tony MacAlpine – Wikipedia

The correct title of this article is Project: Soon after his own debut, he played guitar in a heavy metal supergroup named M. Although Side B is much more hair oriented i.

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