I have an old laptop with a terrible keyboard. I also prefer white keyboards which are very difficult to find. The best I have found so far is the Logitech K, but it’s more expensive to replace if anything goes wrong. It is not a bluetooh keyboard. The Microsoft Surface Pro Review. Can I still use the track pad on my MacBook while using this keyboard?

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It’s so convenient and easy to use! Answer The keys are very similar to what you’ll find on Apple’s bluetooth keyboard the one that lacks the numeric keypad.

I had the K for about a week before one of the keys fell off. The numeric keypad is very handy and the grey matches the Mini I use it with.

Similar Questions What is the stroke depth on this keyboard, and is it deeper than a typical Apple Mac Pro keyboard? You can charge them using the sun!! It doesn’t require a charger, it feels really mobile, becouse you only need to bring the keyboard with you. Answer now Are the home and end keys supported? Would be Great, if I could get this Giveaway: I also would really love to use my 60″ television as a monitor sometimes but my keyboard cord is too short to plug everything in comfortably.


Great review and great timing.

Because wireless solar keyboards is epic win. These keyboards are useful because it avoids the stress of periodically having to change out the battery, reduces waste from used batteries, and uses green energy rather bpuetooth electricity from other sources. Tips and Tools to Know.

Questions about Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K – Apple

I have an old laptop with a terrible keyboard. You only need one transceiver on bluetootg computer. I live in the land if hurricanes where power outages are a real concern. They don’t require batteries and we use nature more!

Useful because of the charge length of service, recharge-ability and the solar charging feature. Because no batteries, no wires, no hassles. All there products work great and I’d love to win this show I can tell all my friends why they should buy one as well.

Logitech K Solar Wireless Keyboard with Power Monitor App

The two solar keyboards performed extremely well. Wireless Solar Keyboard K Powered by light. But I took one step further and got solar keyboards to see if they could entirely replace the need to exchange batteries. Answer Yes, it has command and option keys.


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Its just awesome to see the solar conservative energy methods into the keyboards. What is the button top back on the Logitech solar j750 They’re useful because batteries are toxic to the environment if they’re not disposed of properly. What a sensible idea! I don’t need those pesky batteries. The best answers I’ve found are incomplete.

Most of the letters have worn off on my keyboard. Six-on-one wireless receiver You pop the tiny Logitech Unifying receiver in your notebook and leave it there.

Similar Questions Is it compatible with an early iMac? I hate changing batteries. Please use a more current browser to view our site.