Fortunately, Edup adapters are installed the same way as other wireless cards, and third-party software drivers are available. Only firmware loading is currently broken. Page History Login to edit. Compile Newer Driver The current development version upstream can be retrieved from the linux-wlan-ng project’s subversion repository make sure you have the subversion package installed: Depending on which type of adapter you have, this process will differ.

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It will display a list of wireless networks your adapter can locate.


The instruction manual that came with the adapter should contain detailed instructions on how to physically install the adapter. In most computers, the PCI slot is white, and shorter than the other slot types.

Fortunately, Edup adapters are installed the same way as other wireless cards, and third-party software drivers are available. Insert the CD and wait for a window to pop up. Unfortunately they are not actively developed 2 and have not been merged into the main kernel tree. Install the software drivers for the wireless adapter.

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Brought to you by Techwalla. With the help of Ndiswrapperyou can use a Windows driver for your card 2. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Only a few Linux Wireless Extensions are supported, but recent versions can be used with for instance Network Manager. For the moment the hostap driver does not support USB cards 1. usns


I-O Data WN-B11/USBSL – NDISWrapper

Ubuntu Release Specific Uss 5. Once you have selected your network and entered your password, the set up of your Edup wireless LAN adapter should be complete. In most cases, your computer should automatically begin to install the right drivers.

WPA info No support in this driver 2. WEP info You will need stationary firmware version 1. There are some updated backported from Edgy unofficial packages that fix all this: The firmware license does not allow Ubuntu to usbw the firmware files.

If you have a PCI-type adapter for a desktop computer, you will need to open your computer case, and plug it into a PCI slot.

Alternatively, you may wish to install them manually from the driver disc that should have come packaged with the adapter. The package is included on all Ubuntu CDs. The upstream scripts have to be modified in able to work with Ubuntu 6.

Some users have reported receiving the wrong drivers with their Edup adapters, or that the official drivers do not work.

datq Updating firmware It is possible to upload a newer firmware to the device’s RAM which will then be used instead of the old firmware in its ROM.


This works fine with the Gnome network configuration network-admin 3 as well.

How to Set Up an Edup Wireless LAN Adapter

Note that using network-admin to enter the WEP key does not work out-of-the-box in Ubuntu 6. The website of the company that manufactures the Edup line of wireless adapters does not host the drivers needed to run the adapters. Once the adapter and its drivers have been properly installed, your computer will wn-b11 you if you wish to join a wireless network.

See bug for a patch for this. Join a wireless network.

Download I-O Data Wireless LAN Adpater Windows Drivers, Software

There should be a button called “Install Drivers. These slots are usually on the side of the laptop. If you set up your home network to require a password, you will be asked to enter it now. Select your home network from the list.