HP Desktop Computer Windows Variation in these will invalidate warranty. For Serial ATA hard disk drive cables, press the latch select modelsonly in the center of each plug, and pull the plug from the drive connector. There is a 3mm gap between the top of the side panel and the top of thechassis when the side panel is attached properly. This page requires Javascript.

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All specs will remain the same as advertised, or in some instances, the specs are upgraded free of charge. They are considered cosmetic defects that do not compromise functionality. HP assumes no responsibility for the use or reliability of its software on equipment that is notfurnished by HP. Right-click the Local Area Connection icon, and select Properties.

When you attempt to use your browser, you may see a dial-up connection message or a Web page unavailable while offline error. If the computer can connect to the Internet, you are paviilon. Buying Format see all. Restart the computer if prompted. Otherwise, continue with the next step. Non-legal versions most other sellers on Ebay will be prone to viruses and spyware since they will not receive Microsoft security updates.

If you are replacing a memory module, put the new memory module in the samememory slot from which the old memory was removed. If prompted after installing the drivers or network application, restart the computer.


AB4 Align the four guides on the bottom of the hard disk drive cage with the holes on theback of the bp, and then slide it down toward the bottom of the chassis until itlocks into place.

It features a Pentium G processor running at 2. For most drive cables, use a gentle rocking motionto free the plug.

T Recyclers based in the West Midlands. When handling a memory module, be careful not to touch any ofthe contacts. Using Third-Party Programs For most antivirus programs, right-click the application icon in the system tray, select the menu option to open the application control window. Pwvilion for updates on Windows Defender. Adding or Replacing an Optical Drive1 If necessary, remove the existing drive.

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Manual Troubleshooting You can manually troubleshoot Internet connection problems by completing the following tasks in the sequence they are listed. This computer has been inspected, cleaned, benchmark tested.

This item includes a day warranty. Depending on the computer model, the HP Recovery Manager may be located in the Accessories folder or a different folder.

This desktop may have slight cosmetic damage. If it’s a desktop, you’ll need to check the detailed specs above. Recycle power to reset the router and modem The LEDs on the router and the modem should glow and blink when there is a connection between the computer, the network router, the modem, and the Internet.


Download and install the original or updated drivers from the HP web site. For Serial ATA hard disk drive cables, press the latch select modelsonly in the center of each plug, and pull the plug from the drive connector. See the return policy details section for more information.

Page 8 Replacing the Side Panel1 Align the tabs at the bottom of the side panel to the ridge on the bottom of the chassis. If the icon etherndt not displayed, the driver is corrupted or missing.

HP Pavilion an Desktop PC : Upgrading and Servicing Guide

You should refer to the manufacturer’s documentation for specific details. Technology pailion issue an alert if a hardware failure is pending. Please provide a valid price range. If the computer connects to the Internet, you are done. B2 Swing the front panel away from the chassis toward the left to remove it.