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Leftover epoxy residue will hinder a solid bond to the new shaft, as well as possibly not allow monet to fully seat. It’s best to pull it straight off, which is why those shaft pullers are ideal.

After that, tap out any powder, then dip a q-tip in acetone and finish it up. My shop charges 10 for the pull and 10 for the install.

You can find plenty of videos on YouTube about reshafting and about regripping. You could maybe reuse the old grip, but if you have a new shaft, why use an old grip? I use a Dremel to do that, but most anything hos work.

Replacing Iron Shafts vs. Buying New – Club Fitting – Team Titleist

If you have calipers, check the ID; if not, check online for the specs. Some like to put a little dab of glue on the shaft before doing this, to help keep the ferrule in place.


This site offers a ton of information if you want to attempt to do it yourself, it’s really not all that difficult.

Banishing golf hat etiquette is one small step for man, one giant leap for reason, logic and the reduction of stuff that gets in the way of just enjoying the game. Golf, on the other hand has books written about appropriate deshaft on the course. How much would it cost to build an 18 Hole Hos Course in China? How much does an average golf bag with clubs weigh?

Or, you can pay someoneelse to do it — price dependent on materials and labor. But this is a golf blog, and I need to get on with it.

Replacing Iron Shafts vs. Buying New

A handheld drill, a vice, and an 8. All clubs except maybe the putter can use the same shaft; but, the lengths are different and may need to be trimmed at both ends depending on the club head it is being mounted on. Please log in to reply.

Again, use leather gloves if doing this by hand!!! What should I consider when beginning to golf and buying golf clubs? How much does Bubba’s hovercraft golf cart cost? If you don’t have a vice, I suppose you could do it by hand Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Reshatf drivers will be 1″, but it varies.


The feedback rwshaft provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Generally, a shaft going into a 3 wood needs to be trimmed 1″, the 5 wood 2″ Started by LanceFeb 12 Learn More at ragingbull.

How much does reshafting irons run you?

But I think they check everything and update the file rexhaft keep on set. How much does it cost to build a 9 hole golf course? Start Now at wikibuy.

If it ever comes to the point where I will need to pay to get it done then I will do it myself every time instead of just some times. That means the insertion depth would have to be 2″! It was a learning curve but also a lot of fun, and it gives you a connection to your clubs you wouldn’t have otherwise.