Lets try two OperationRegion Definitions. Then i adapted the entry to: That is a serious design flaw Now to complete this hack, how to disable the PATA port. I realize that linux and windows handle things very differently, but initially in windows i had the same problem with the exception that the timing out caused all external ports of the laptop to fail. Hi OCN, Question for you.

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Nothing eSata-related jmicron especially are mentioned in the newer kernel changelogs.

I realize this make take an extra day, but that way it does not nuke your data right off the bat. I restored a bootable SuperDuper!

[ubuntu] Ubuntu and Jmicron JMB eSata

In the old days, if you were lucky, you could resolve the issue by manually playing around with the IRQ assignments to get it working semi-properly. Sign in with Twitter.

I have gone through their site for updates and it seems that the drivers for the controller are in the kernel ftp: Lets try two OperationRegion Definitions. With a newly bought SSD it just feels a lot snappier than W7. Thank you so much ApexDE. Or jmifron in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. I will try adding something following your dsdt code example and report back.


JMicron JMB36X SATA Controller Driver Driver – TechSpot

Thanks ApexDE for opening my eyes on eesata, now the hack is complete. I run the latest Or sign in with one of these services. Be sure, I’m patiently waiting the new guide.

You made my day! Paste some log or something, does that with any disk? Just to keep things safe I would use only four of the drives, and if it works then sync it with the other drives.

Hmm, unfortunately it seems I may have spoken too soon.

JMicron JMB363 eSATA Controller Drivers

It jmjcron detect or not detect drives seemingly at random. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Now to complete this hack, how to disable the PATA port. It would be terrific if you could pinpoint where I’m going wrong. Register a new account. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

This, however, was fixed by JMicron by a newer driver so I know the drive and the controller are completely cabable of doing their thing. Then i adapted the entry to: Try if it works.


Possibly an option for eSATA? NCQ is working here.

November 4th, 1. It is hard to be sure where they are going to land, and it could be dangerous sitting under them as they fly overhead.

EVGA SR-2 ESATA Jmicron JMB362 – Does it support Port Multiplier?

Neither are as fast as on-board but the difference is not significant. Try TheKings suggested changes and report back. All the commands through the terminal that i’ve found esqta been of no use.