Although there is even a Linux software for it, I haven’t managed to get it working. They had smaller capabilities than Brilliance series, being made for operation in home or office systems. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for Linux even where there is a Linux program for it available – analyzing sources it still draws bitmap for monitor’s controller like Brilliance ‘s configuration. With monitors like this one, a whole CRT era ended, with bulky tubes being replaced by smaller flat LCD monitors however, still displaying smaller amount of colors and incapable to show black. However, the later displays were made the worse the quality was.

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More, if you plan to get Eizo, better reserve much space on the rear of desk because this monitor doesn’t get narrow on the rear more, its rear lifts up. The picture is acceptable, however tuning the focus is a bit hard, there are no holes for it.

This is a Sony unit, branded as Dell.

Tuning using service cable. Precise Geometry Adjustment EIZO monitors offer the most advanced, precise, user friendly screen and image controls possible, so that users can create a finely adjusted screen image A inch CRT with flat screen surface.


It was a software-hardware solution, in which by using some software it was possible to increase parameters only on specific areas, e. Not round, not barrel-like, but flat, which was a new thing in s. There are a few reasons. First, they were smaller and more energy-efficient. An LCD frompoor quality, but it was flat.

Open the catalog to page 2. However, there are some disadvantages.

Techniche Daten EIZO F56

Fortunately the tuning can be done with a hardware hack. A better model flexxcan the flat-screen line, later it became a standard one. The T57S uses a 0. The T57S provides yet another solution for high contrast, sharp focus and realistic color.

It rizo a flat-screen CRT, with relatively nice picture quality. It also has a USB port, but not for USB switch, common in displays from s – in this model it is used to tune the display by software. Here is a small travel around these. Another problem is the CRT, which becomes brighter and brighter with age, so it needs a re-adjustment. Its screen is not flat, but its picture is nice and sharp when maintained properly.

Open the catalog to page 8. Listen to your eyes.


Another problem is the screen size, Trinitrons had a bit smaller viewable area than other tubes. In LCD, monitor is bound to resolution, so upgrading video board makes user more likely flexscsn buy a new display, and buying a display makes users more likely to buy new video boards.

Open the catalog to page 9. Comparing to older F56, these were more “maxed out” and had more problems coming with age.

They are large and power-consuming, but the picture quality is very good and dark colours are dark colours. However, the later displays were made the worse the quality was. Second thing was the fashion. Unfortunately some units may have blocked menu.

Download Monitor EIZO FlexScan F56 drivers and software.

The OSD is simple, but sufficient. Presence of flat screens in lots of movies and visions of the future made the panels chosen despite of their worse image quality. DB15, two-input, x CRT: