But at least it showed something! Didn’t find any of those at Ebay right now at least but that is of course another route. Which is the best alternative? Although again freight is expensive, often more than the price of the item I use my C because I am an ornery, stubborn, retro grouch. Almost the same on my site.

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These files were then transfered to the OrangePi where I “unbin” ethrprint to have the data fork and resource fork separately. Posted April 11, Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: I have a catweasel and I guess that I could use that for writing disks if there are disk images in a suitable format.

Posted April 10, Online dayyna a Swiss store: Next step was to say hello to the google DNS. I’ll give it a try, thanks!


LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge

Does anyone has something for sale possibly, preferably in Europe? I was unsure about its voltage? Originally Posted by ClassicHasClass.

But this solved quickly. So with it working so nicely I just felt it would be interesting to network it.

LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge – Wikipedia

And anyone with a manual of this device PDF? Got to think about this now Edited April 11, by Themk. I could put files onto the OrangePi and pick them up in the Mac Plus. I learned slowly the hard way. I will be sure to try out your VM as soon as I receive them.

Im gonna have to get one for my IIgs, so I can give it ethernet. Of etherrpint a few ordinary network cables and power adapters was required as well. But you better ask. Two LocalTalk adapters liberated! I got my adaptors today, very nice! Posted April 27, This software is provided by a nice Dutch guy and can be found here.


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Vintage Dayna Etherprint Plus Apple Mac Print Sever Ethernet BNC Aui Net Serial

Posted April 12, edited. I do have LocalTalk-adapters. The time now is Got to think about this now. Actually I could only find one. Originally Posted by xjas.

I think they ship to the USA. I saw some one in this forum having problem with Asante Talk. The PSUs are also the ones that you need to connect to American power receptacles and line voltages; perhaps they didn’t send you one mactjaap because they knew it would be incompatible with your AC mains.