Ensure that the drive tray is closed. Product Description The external components on the left side of the computer are shown in Figure and are described in Table Hard drive does not work. Hang up an extension telephone and disconnect any other devices that may be using the same telephone line, then redial. Dedicated diskette drive bay D Flexible MultiBay that accommodates:

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Battery is discharged and cables to the external power source are unplugged.

Then slide it gently into place until it is seated while tilted Figure How often do you refer to the Maintenam ze and Service Guide? Ensure comaq the micro-phone plug is properly connected to the mono microphone jack.

Don’t show me this message again. Caps lock is on. To run POST, complete the following steps: If you must clear the passwords, go to Section 2. The appropriate software is not running on both computers.


A modem cable is included with internal modem models. Remove the battery pack Section 5. Try reinserting the card. Ensure that the PC Card is inserted in the correct orientation.

Check the drive parameters. Pull the bottom half of the bezel down. All memory expansion boards supported by the computer are keyed notched to ensure correct positioning.

Push the memory expansion board down until the plastic retention clips [] snap into place. Use the connector removal tool to disconnect the keyboard cable Q.

QuickSpecs |

CRT or other display device is not connected properly. Have your telephone line checked by your local telephone service provider. Disc has a scratch on its surface. Check the connection, Volume too low or too loud Volume or mixing controls set incorrectly.

Compaq ARMADA E500 Specification

Additional hard drive has not been specially prepared with necessary software. Hang-up Delay S Register S10 set too low. Turn on the computer.


A battery pack is charging. Remove the obstruction, align the infrared ports to within 30 degrees, and position computers within 1.

There is a parity conflict. Make sure Disable diskette write ability is not checked. Standard Features Compaq 56K V. If you want to use the printer to log error messages, leave it connected to the computer. Hard drive is not seated properly. Armada family software overview — third edition 21 pages.

Continued Troubleshooting Table Continued Message Description Recommended Action Hard disk controller error The hard drive controller failed to respond to the reset command.

Volume may be turned off or set too low. Info Messenger will also inform you if there are updates to the system ROM for your computer.