So the devices that are trying to be installed, don’t get installed. Just like you I can’t get sudo ifup ra- to work until I modify the file. As above, does your router support WPA? As you use your passwords, they will be reregistered in the new file. Or do you have some other network config? I restarted and got the same problem Etc, a company that creates drivers where you have to specify encryption mode among other things in the driver dat file?!!!.

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We will probably set him up to dual boot XP SP2. Using advanced power management and a screen saver can put you on a collision course with Msgsrv Did you check out the Microsoft advice?

Support x64 platform 2. I can’t get this to work for some reason: I would not go with above computer. Etc, a company that creates drivers where you have to specify encryption mode among other things in the driver dat file?!!!.

This is majorly bad news. I followed the steps to the letter g5 to no avail – the wireless wouldn’t work. At least this drive for the audio sessions and, if possible, all of the drives in the computer. RealTek RTL at 0xe88e0c00, I think it’s because of wpapsk setting.


Help!!!!! Msgsrv32 Error

If somebody knows better solution, let me know. When it restarted, a box popped up that said “An unknown device was found. The proposed iwpriv solution yielded nothing as well. C chipset rt61 still does not work.

D I must admit I don’t know what the problem is now. If anyone is using the serialmonkey driver the beta cih2 seem to work too well so go for the latest nightly tarball. You will find a directory called “Modules”, in that directory you will find a file called “readme” which contains information on the cpntroller in the configuration file “rt61sta.

Installing Modem on NB Acer Aspire LMI

I bought an Epson Stylus Color R Techstop Yes here is my entire interfaces file auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp auto eth1 iface eth1 inet dhcp auto eth2 iface eth2 inet dhcp auto ath0 iface ath0 inet dhcp auto wlan0 wlan0 ccontroller dhcp iface ra0 inet dhcp wireless-essid b1test00 auto ra0 When I follow the Howto I get to step 8 then step 9 and then instead of completing step 10 I skip it and run the sudo ifup rap command. Suggested addition to guide: I run Windows 98SE and had a Canon printer.


Optionally use “sudo gedit After vendor identify, caps: When I type ifdown ra0 in the terminal, I get the following: It also is based on the rt61 chipset. No ubuntu no term no nothin. Some more wlan info: For more information, see interfaces 5.

Installing Modem on NB Acer Aspire 1356LMI

Everything just worked automaticly. If you don’t know who made your sound card, look around on the www.

It’s very easy, and automatically adds required akdio. For one reason or another, the ra0 interface was not “up” for either of us at step 9. Registered protocol family 31 [